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Zhazhda - Padushki

Zhazhda - Padushki

Artwork by Viola Renate

Check out the first single for Zhazhda, a musical and visual project of two worlds colliding, that of producer Rimer London and artist Poseidonna. Padushki’ which means pillows, is a sexy tongue in cheek song about lovers and desire. Implicitly speaking to the erotic. Even though the language is foreign to most ears, Poseidonna knows how to convey the message subliminally. Touching that inner cord through the universal language of music.

 For the video of Padushki, Zhazhda collaborated with the iconic Dutch photographers Petrovsky and Ramone to create this psychedelic wet dream world with a touch of 80’s nostalgia. 

Poseidonna is a goddess of water, living between different realms all at once.

Like the Pisces astrology sign, two fish connected but swimming in opposite directions. One is in the clouds ascending and the other in the form of liquid descending, representing the eternal cycle of life


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