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Warrior Shoes x Wiki Lookbook


Photography by Lula Heyers

Assistantance by Lauren Davis

Introducing a groundbreaking collaboration between Warrior Shoes and Wiki: the all-new Matterhorn shoe. Embark on a journey where rugged meets smooth, where durability embraces comfort, and where innovation walks hand in hand with style.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Matterhorn hiking silhouette stands as a testament to the fusion of strength and elegance. Its exterior is a masterwork of design, seamlessly blending fine suede and Cordura fabric. This ingenious pairing not only ensures unparalleled durability but also exudes an air of sophistication that resonates with explorers and trendsetters alike.

Unveiling a captivating two-tone colorway, the Matterhorn instantly earns its place as a quintessential piece in every wardrobe. From urban streets to winding trails, its versatility is unmatched, adapting effortlessly to any environment.

Underneath its artful exterior lies a heart of ingenuity. The Matterhorn boasts a full-length EVA midsole that cradles your foot in cloud-like comfort, making every step an indulgence. The aggressive Lug outsole completes the package, offering a vice-like grip that's ready to conquer both untamed wilderness and city pavements.

But there's more to this collaboration than just exceptional footwear. In the intricate tapestry of the music world, there are those who stand as luminaries of innovation and authenticity. One such luminary is Wiki—an American rapper and record producer who emerged from the vibrant heart of New York City, the very streets that gave birth to hip-hop.

Just as Wiki's artistic journey is a testament to unbridled creativity, the Matterhorn shoe is a canvas of collaboration. It captures the spirit of adventure and self-expression, mirroring Wiki's own trajectory in the music industry. With each step, you're not just wearing a shoe; you're wearing a piece of a story—a story that celebrates the fusion of different worlds.

Warrior Shoes and Wiki invite you to step into the future, to lace up a shoe that's more than just footwear—it's a statement, an embodiment of resilience and authenticity. With the Matterhorn shoe, you're not just embracing comfort and durability; you're embracing a narrative that's as dynamic as the rhythm of the streets, as authentic as Wiki himself. Walk the path of innovation. Walk the path of collaboration. Walk the path of the Matterhorn.

The Warrior Sports Shoes x Wiki Matterhorn is available now.

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