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As an Amsterdam-based store and brand, we have always aspired to share our culture and learn about other cultures across the world. This, combined with our positive growth in recent years, has served as a great incentive and an extra push in a direction we have wanted to explore and discover for a long time: Asia.

With more than a year of hard work, planning, great support from our Asian partners, friends, and extra assistance from Nike, Converse and the Oranje Handelsmissie Fonds, Patta is proud to present the Patta 2017 Asia Tour.

The Patta 2017 Asia Tour is a pop-up shop tour that will include 4 cities, 4 stores, 4 runs and 4 parties. In November 2017, Patta will travel and explore throughout the Asia region starting with Bangkok, followed by Shanghai, Seoul, and ending in Tokyo.

Each of these cities will be the stage for a 4-day pop-up store in partnership with the respective city’s Patta retailer and offer limited edition Patta Asia Tour products. With every pop-up event we aim to bring the true Patta feeling to our Asian friends and family, while at the same time experience the local vibes. Keep an eye on the ASIA TOUR page for more information and updates, click HERE.

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