Patta X Outsiderwear

Netherlands based initiative Outsiderwear features talented “outsider” artists collaborating with fashion designers, streetwear brands and artists. Outsider artists are artists with a psychological vulnerability, a background of homelessness or a mental or physical disability. Despite the increased awareness for outsider art, they rarely come together with the rest of the creative industry. Outsiderwear breaks this dichotomy and connects the world of insiders and outsiders through collaborations and various activities.
The Patta x Outsiderwear project is an opportunity to showcase the artwork created during this project. Patta have joined hands with two artists from Outsiderwear, Desmond Tjon A Koy and Regilio Benjamin to create two brand new graphic T-Shirts featuring original artwork from the two artists respectively. The piece from Desmond is inspired by Compton born and raised MC Eiht. The rapper who starred in the 1993 feature length Drama entitled ‘Menace II Society’ is depicted in an all over panel print of the West Coast MC in the Compton streets. The original artwork from Desmond is a pen and ink drawing. The piece from Regilio is a Patta Script logo T-Shirt featuring a large multi color photo print on the back which is a combination of two artworks from the painter. The artwork is inspired by Regilio's affinty for athletics and it features the artist's name overlaid on top of the illustrations.
The Outsiderwear Festival will take place in multiple locations around Amsterdam such as Zeedijk 60, Vriend Van Bavink with Piet Parra & Ben Augustus as well as at Sexyland World which will be hosting one of the works from Regilio Benjamin and the other work from the painter will be on display at the Patta store at Zeedijk 67.
The Patta x Outsiderwear graphic T-Shirts from Regilio Benjamin and Desmond Tjon A Koy will be available to view at the Patta Chapter at Zeedijk 67 as well as Sexyland World. There will be an opportunity to join a mailing list to stay up to speed with all things Patta x Outsiderwear at both locations.
These Graphic T-Shirts will be available for 50 Euros in September 2021, to stay up to speed with all things Patta x Outsiderwear and be notified when the release is approaching join our mailing list down below.